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Learn to Swim

Pat Taylor Swim School offers a number of classes for all ages, select one of the options below:

01: Water Baby Class

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Age group: 4 months to 18 months.
Objective: Water familiarisation.
Activities: Age appropriate activities with songs and games. Learning to paddle and float and, when aquatic readiness is shown, learning to submerge.
Comments: Small group with Mum or Dad. Pools are heated to 32 degrees Celsius. Warm showers afterwards.
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02: Transition

Age group: 18 months to 3 years.
class02Objective: Learning to become more independent.
Activities: Age appropriate activities including paddling, blowing bubbles and back floating, as well as learning how to use kick-boards and noodles. Also learning how to jump in, turn around and climb out independently. Learning how to monkey walk along the edge of the pool is also taught at this level.
Comments: Every activity is geared towards safety,fun and independence. A parent is still in the pool.
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03: Learn To Swim

class03Age group: 3 years and over.
Objective: Learning to swim independently and with confidence.
Activities: Streamlining, paddling with and without floatation aids on backs, blowing bubbles with eyes in water, back kicking, beginner dives and climbing out. Each activity is moving the children towards independent swimming without any floatation aids. Children are also taught the correct way to pull themselves out of the pool unassisted after jumps and dives.
Comments: Generally children start in our Learn to Swim classes at three years of age but we will accept bookings for children from two and a half years of age if they have previously had lessons, are confident in the water and are happy to swim without mum or dad in the pool.
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04: Advanced Learn To Swim.

class04Age group: All ages for children who can swim without any floatation aids.
Objective: Converting dog paddle to freestyle.
Activities: Streamlining greater distances, swimming out to the teacher and back to the wall without support. Freestyle is introduced at this level with correct breathing technique as well as beginner backstroke and dives.
Comments: There is a strong emphasis on water safety at this level as children become more independent.
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05: Mini B

class05Age group: All ages when children are confident in deep water and are able to swim 15 metres.
Objective: Refining freestyle, backstroke and dives.
Activities: Freestyle with bilateral breathing, backstroke with correct breathing, beginner breastroke and streamlined dives.
Comments: This level is a preparation for swimming longer distances with correct stroke and breathing techniques.
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06: Stroke Correction

class06Age group: All ages once good freestyle and backstroke techniques are demonstrated.
Objective: Further refinement of freestyle and backstroke. More advanced breastroke techniques are now introduced as well as early butterfly.
Activities: Longer distances are swum with simple drills and a greater awareness of stroke techniques. Diving techniques are more refined.
Comments: Once children can strongly swim freestyle and backstroke with refined techniques they are ready to move up to Mini Squad level.
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07: Mini Squad

class07Age group: All ages of strong swimmers with refined techniques in freestyle and backstroke.
Objective: Introduction to competitive swimming
Activities: Racing dives, introduction to tumble turns, breastroke, backstroke and butterfly turns. Laps of all strokes are swum with advanced drills.
Comments: This level is an ideal preparation for the younger competitive swimmer.
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08: Adult Class

Age group: Adults of all ages and abilities from total non swimmers through to experienced swimmers wishing to improve their technique.
Objective: Overcoming aqua phobia and enjoying the sensation of swimming through to correct breathing techniques and improvement in all strokes.
Activities: Classes are geared towards the needs of the adults. Activities range from floating, treading water, streamlining, kicking, arm movements and relaxed breathing through to advanced drills for improvement of techniques in all strokes.
Comments: We specialize in teaching nervous adults.
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