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photo (4)Pat has been involved in the aquatic industry for over 45 years. She was one of the early pioneers of infant aquatics in Australia.

Pat is the author of two books “Kids Can Swim” and “Miracles in Water”.Pat has also produced videos and DVDs on the teaching of swimming.

Pat has received many awards for excellence in the teaching of swimming. In 2009 Pat was nominated for Australian of the Year. She also received an Austswim Award for New South Wales for her outstanding contribution to swimming and was the runner up for the Australian Award in 2009. Pat’s passion for teaching swimming to special needs children saw her nominated to carry the torch at the Olympic Games in Sydney.

Pat is internationally recognized for her contribution to infant aquatics and special needs children in an aquatic environment.

Pat has retired since July 2017 and passed on the swim school to Mark Bemer who now runs the day to day operations. Mark has been working for Pat for the last 3.5 years and also runs an ocean swim school in Manly. Click the link to go to Mark’s website MB-Freestyle¬†

Pat will remain a consultant for the swim school for years to come.

Pat is a cancer survivor and still enjoys her swims outdoors daily, all year round (in the Shelley Beach rock pool.)

The Pat Taylor Swim School is registered with Swim Australia, is a member of the Australian Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) and is an HCF provider. All teachers are Austswim or Swim Australia or InStyleSwimming Australia qualified.


Pat believes “Swimming is an Asset for Life”!